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  1. I do, through this all, I have gone to each meeting, head held high, act as though nothing has happened. No need to create tension with the others. With me DE I continue going to him with about other things, while biting my tongue at the irritation and just trying to wrap my head around what was he thinking in his huge push? Something I will never know. But, it's all over now. I can move on to better things. In fact, tonight, I had a Troop visit our Pack meeting, requesting to join our Charter! Everyone is pleased with what they had to say, and excited to grow!
  2. Final update. Thank you all for your input. The person in question has made things a bit easier for us. He has left the mother of the scout, so doesn't really have any interest/or need to be in our group any longer. IF he chooses to continue in the child's life, our decision has been made official. His background check cane back with several things in it. My COR asked someone who has been involved in our local scouting for decades. He stated with the level of his background check, first off, he would not accept it. Add that to he is not the scouts parent and no longer in the relatio
  3. My COR sent a letter to the council head stating we Did not want this person registered in our unit, and giving reasons, with his violations. I had previously spoke with him and this is what he stated we needed to do. Once he received the email from her, he called her and said they will still run his background check. 2 days later, my DE called me and said Hey! Great news! He is approved, everything came back ok. That I need to come in and pay for his charter. Also, in the same conversation, I have a leader that transferred in, that has been unable to access his account to get his YPT done. We
  4. Ours is, the circumstance as you mentioned, the church board chair. However, I just learned last night that he is not doing well, and is being hospitalized. So, I am not sure who is in his place right now.
  5. I only say propose the girlfriend serve as assistant for a short time, to ensure he isn't going to try to overpower and control through her. I think she would be a good CM, BUT her violation of texting the child on his personal phone, without another adult on the thread.
  6. That is where I am now. I have spent so much time the last year on getting our unit on top and running great. I felt a huge release lifted from my shoulders once we were where we needed to be. But then, him coming in and making accusation and threats towards me. I am tired. I don't have that kind of a fight in me. As a CC, I should be enjoying the meetings with my son at the den meetings. And my only big concern should be the committee meetings. I can't be in a group that will be putting these kids at risk. I am not going to push my child to their fullest earning fundraisers (he sold $2000 [$8
  7. What really floors me, is the COR talked to the pastor of the church about the situation that happened. When the pastor talked to me about it, she agreed with me that we can't have someone like that in our group. She wasn't happy with about it, but seemed to be on the same page as me, and have him removed.
  8. Our scout executive is new this year. Seems real unsure of a lot of things, and came into our previous issue of restarting at the end. During the bulk of it, is was the field Service director walking me through everything. One of the commissioners, her child is close friends with the "cm"s girlfriends sister. Which I am seeing to be as more impartial, and not wanting to cause waves on the homefront end. Which I would have never seen coming from her. I tried talking to my COR last night again and tell her I was turning over all my paperwork if the applications were signed. I explained what the
  9. The commissioner and a couple others don't want us to dismiss him. But, to add to his negative points....he keeps conducting things on his own, and his application has not been submitted! And they are ok with this! Then, I found pictures he posted of him watching a 4th grade webelo cutting her derby car! Am I wrong, NO cub Scout is allowed to operate power tools? One of the den leaders said the same thing when she just saw it on her training. He has since removed the post, but I have screenshots of the pictures.
  10. Sidenote, in the 4 years, in 5th now, tgis has been a unit, tgis is the most scouts it has had and held from fall registrations to recharter with no drop outs. But was told I have run it into the ground, people are leaving because of how I have run the meetings. But we've lost no one. And parents have left meetings activities and events telling and thanking me for the great time the kids are having.
  11. Thank you all for your advise. Wlmy COR and I brought in a commissioner, paraprofessional and a gentleman that holds many hats to our meeting. We were going to have a sit down meeting after the den meeting. The CM asked them why they were there. So he then went to his friends and told them to stay, in front of our pack committee and told them they can go. We just went with the additional people there, no questions asked (meanwhile my phone blowing up from the Committee as to why they were told to leave). The CM immediately said ok let's get tgis started, here is what we are here to discuss.
  12. His girlfriend's son is a tiger. He showed up to a meeting one night, both of them in uniform, application in hands.
  13. I am the Committee Chair for my unit. Background, my unit is 4 years old. The last 15 months, I have worked massive hours restructuring our broken unit. Starting from ground zero. We just got into our new charter. Have a parent interested in being cubmaster. He spend his days googling cub scouts and tgings to do. We have explained, being we are the unit for the 2 low income schools, we do things that require little to no money, aka low income unit. I came into last meeting, starting give parents upcoming dates and need to knows. He keeps interrupting me telling me I am wrong and arguing
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