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  1. Ssscout... I do agree with that. I often see scouts attend meetings with their shirts unbuttoned, often wearing their shirts with sweat pants or leggings (girls) some of them not wearing their neckers or some of them wearing their hats in a church. Some times its a few of the girls in the den im the assistant den leader of, sometimes its my son's tiger den. Ive tried mentioning different things to the leaders of both dens and often theyll shrug me off (their den theyll kead how they see fit type thing). One is telling the Tigers they can only do the scout salute during the pledge if theyr
  2. I felt the same way as that marine when I was a scout and still do even without the uniform pants because in our community and pack jeans have become part of our uniform.the majority of the scouts and leaders wear jeans with uniform shirt. Being in a farming community, dirt and dust show up far to easily on the navy blue pants just walking from the vehicle to the meeting, even while playing games in our meetings. I would rather our kids be clean (which is part of the scout law) and comfortable in their jeans than constantly dusty/dirty and uncomfortable in the scout pants. Because if the kids
  3. I must also disagree. The same psychological effect is also felt in many who wear jeans rather than the traditional uniform pants. When i was a scout, i hated wearing my traditional uniform pants. I felt auqward, they didnt feel right, they didnt look right. Ive always been a jeans guy as many are. We feel out of place wearing anything else even if it is tradition.
  4. I agree to an extent Latin Scot. I feel jeans are acceptible as long as they dont have holes in them and arent dirty. There are some Sheriff's deptartments which do allow deputies to wear jeans with a uniform shirt. Just as there are many businesses which allow you to wear jeans with a dress shirt and tie. As long as the shirt is clean and wrinkle free, tucked in and the pants are clean and free of holes I feel that can have the exact same effect as a full uniform.
  5. Actually some Packs and Troops for that matter have been allowed to adopt a slightly altered version of the uniform. Such as wearing the class A shirt with jeans. It may not be teaditional, but for many it has become approved uniform. I served in Cub Scouts through the 1990s and my son is in the same pack now that I was in. And for as long as I can remember our district and area council have allowed this.
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