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  1. I was involved in this and the problem we are seeing is that when the letter from Council and National came. Neither party’s stated the reason for the decision. Phone call to National reviled the reason to why they responded as have been mentioned. Requested a letter from National with items and explanations. You all have been very helpful and will keep you updated on the results. I will add this was a one time ordeal and there were no previous issues that affected this. The Leader/Adult had the permission of the boys parent. The boys parent has been on the Leader/ Adults side.
  2. Wasn’t registered as a leader at the event just as a parent taking boys. As for the G2SS age recommendations that’s just it they are recommendations not policy with a firm no they can’t attend. Here is what is seen. Every Council,Unit will have this kinda thing happening. There is no violation to G2SS or Youth Protection. The 1on1 or 2 deep was not violated. As long as the Leader has there own registered boys in the vehicle or a youth of age 18 there is no violation. This topic was discussed in Scout magazine a year back. Thats what is confusing about National decisions.
  3. Yes! You did read this right those were the reasons given for there actions. Also the other Scout was a bear rank and taken to the event. Knowing that it’s at times not a good idea to take younger scouts to events. It’s only a recommendation not a rule. The problem is National seems to not be willing to relook at this they state it’s final unless new information is provided. They blurred out there own rules to react to the Council requests Witch the Leader was able to back up all of his part in the event. The problem know is they would have to hold up to there ruling. The actions
  4. Thank you.. I’m glad to finally find a place we’re Scouters can interact and get information.
  5. The leader was on the re charter paperwork and application along with all fees paid. To the understanding the Council had misplaced a paper and got backed up. Discovering this had happened 4 months after it should have been filed. This meaning at the time the event took place the Leader was not registered and actually the actions were no different that a parent that doesn’t fall under the Guide lines as Leaders do.
  6. With out going in to a lot of details the reasons given don’t add up to the decision made. If a leader transported a scouts to a event or meeting in the vehicle was there own boys that are registered scouts would this be a violation. Every thing has been proven that the Leader did not violate the one on one or two deep. There was a part about traveling in a convoy but no information was or has been given to state that convoy is a actual thing. There was a scout that was a younger rank but not that would require a parents to be with them at all times . The Guide to safe Scouti
  7. Question, If a Leaders re charter did not get completed by the Council. The deadline date of Jan 31 of the year is the leader still held to the Guide lines of BSA. Would they not just be a parent at that point? There has been an event that has caused a leader to loose there membership. The information is regarding the decision is very gray. If the adult is not a registered leader at that time then the actions that happened would not apply.
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