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  1. Thanks for everyone's assistance. It was greatly appreciated. The issue appears to be moot since all of the elected scouts have decided not to join the OA.
  2. Thank you. I have already received the information and was able to contact the Lodge Advisor. That's good to know about the cancelation. I will pass that on to the troop at the next meeting.
  3. I'm not sure about the scouts in question but I think at least one decided not to join the OA, but now may have second thoughts. His year runs out before the fall ordeal and if he chooses to join can go to the upcoming ordeal.
  4. My misspelling. It is Tutelo Lodge. My old lodge Wisi Hal'a Con is also gone. I think someone has made a mistake and is for whatever reason unwilling to correct the error and move forward. Unfortunately, there is the problem that one of our scouts is unable to be tapped out here the next ordeal and their election expires before the fall ordeal.
  5. Oddly enough I am dealing with a mother of a scout in the OA that is making up odd stories about the OA. She claims that any Lodge, in this case, Tupelo Lodge can make up any rules as they see fit. I don't believe her. I believe she is making up stories to support her son. Is it possible for a lodge such as Tupelo Lodge to override the optional nature of the tap out ceremony? From the start of this issue I have been under the impression that the mother and son have been making up stories to suit their own vision of what they think the OA should do rather than determining how the OA operat
  6. Thanks for the quick replies. Much appreciated.
  7. Our troop has two members that need to attend the ordeal soon but have not been tapped out. The understanding is that the tap out is optional. I expect that is still the case?
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