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  1. So, who are the insurance companies that happily billed and collected premiums and are now refusing to pay?  It is quite a kick to the gut for the BSA to institute all these reforms since the 70's and 80's to provide a safer program that we enjoy today and be ripped off by the insurance companies when it come time to compensate victims for the heinous acts of others.

  2. 4 hours ago, ParkMan said:

    They are weighing their options.  What would you have them say differently?

    I had to search online to find out what was the underlying cause for the pre-prepared damage control email from the CSE---transparency, not so much.  The CSE never mentioned BK or the law firm.  We learned more from WSJ.

  3. Several months ago, I spent two weekends of Boy Scouts for adults where "feedback is a gift" was repeatedly stated.  Family scouting was often accompanied by "change is inevitable."  Fast forward, I have volunteered about 8 hours this weekend with 4 more to go doing a coffee break at a highway rest stop with my son's troop.  I realize that there is a group here vocal in their support of BSA4G; however, I have heard a lot of negative comments from travelers ranging from snarky, sarcastic comments to matter of fact comments against BSA4G.  Frankly, I have observed or dealt with these comments at fundraisers or other uniformed functions since the announcement.  And it is never a pleasant moment.  I don't see public acceptance of this move.  Further, I don't see the critical mass in Cubs forming to support the change that is Scouts BSA--at least in my council.  I hope there is a Plan B which doesn't involving gutting venturing crews to save face.  Every time I get those comments, I think, feedback is a gift and wonder whether there is a room in Texas with a lot of unopened gifts.







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  4. 28 minutes ago, RememberSchiff said:

    @TuckahoeJoe , welcome to scouter.com



    I am an MBC for some MBs.  I am actually tougher with my own son and have him fill out the workbooks (which are not required) for those non-Eagle MBs where I am his MBC and for all others regardless of who is the MBC.  In part, it is to improve his handwriting and to see whether I need to tell him to revisit the MB pamphlet (this happens less as he improves on his research and writing skills).  

    It's not just the scout that has this concern.  I hear it from other parent MBCs who are hesitant to sign off on Eagle MBs even with the workbook filled out.

  5. Once the MBC signs off, the MB is earned.  There is a narrow exception in the Guide to Advancement for impossibility.  See GTA

    So long as you know you completed the MB as written, you shouldn’t have to worry about the predisposition of some parents.

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