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  1. I'm wondering how people handle the end of the year ceremony when there are boys who haven't completed the necessary requirements to earn their rank. I know you don't just pass them along and give ranks that aren't earned. But the way that the program is structured, they boys DO move up to the next level regardless of whether they've completed their current rank or not. It's not clear to me how much of the ceremony is about the earned rank and how much is about "and now, you're a Bear!" We have at least one boy, possibly three, moving into our pack this month from a group that sounds like it hasn't done much this year at all. I'm still waiting on records from the other pack to see whether it's feasible to try to help them complete all their Wolf requirements, but with only two months to go, and the rest of the den done with all of the required beltloops, getting these guys caught up seems like a real long shot. Trying to figure out where the balance lies between keeping these guys excited to come back for next year and making sure the kids who earn their rank are appropriately recognized. Thanks!
  2. End of Year w/out Rank complete

    We've been doing them at pack meeting for exactly that reason. But... there were some issues earlier in the year with kids thinking that they had earned thiings because they had been at the meeting where MOST of the requirements were completed, but missed the meeting when we wrapped up one or two last things. If we had awarded them at the time they were completed, we would have avoided that confusion. Last time we went to the store, we did pick up enough of the required ones to finish out the year, but hate to do too much of that since we still have old pins and beltloops for achievements that no longer exist.
  3. End of Year w/out Rank complete

    I'm not too concerned about the badge, but the pack has a tradition of doing the face painting type of moving up ceremony, which the boys really look forward to, and all the scripts I've found for that are definitely "you've done all these things to earn your rank" and not "welcome to the next level", and an unpainted face would stand out and not in a good way. But I think I've figured it out. Other than one kid who I think has probably quit, the boys likely to not have time to make rank are all new additions, not kids who just didn't show. They will have all earned their Bobcat rank this year, so I think making a big deal about how glad we are that they decided to join us on this path then a little paint just for the new recruits should do the trick. (even if they've already gotten the badge itself before then)
  4. End of Year w/out Rank complete

    This is exactly my angle on it, too. Others in the pack, though, lean pretty heavily toward ceremony, and with all of the points in training about making to sure to publicly recognize the kids for all of their achievements, ideally involving parents, asking them to come up and stand with their kids as they receive the award, etc, I'm even more outnumbered. I've been planning on working on the "give the kids the new neckerchiefs now" angle since that's such a nice tangible way of marking that the new year is starting now, and summer is a part of it. The pack doesn't have a strong history of summer activities, which I'm hoping to change this year. The pack covers the cost of neckerchiefs and books, though, and uses that as motivation to get people to turn in their registrations, so that might be a hurdle to get past. For the record, I'm not talking about any awards at Blue & Gold. Ours is a party, albeit a rather formal one for my tastes, but it did have a magician! Just trying to figure out the logistics of kids who join in March and how much it's realistic to try to do in the two to three months left in the year. I like the idea of having kids get their Wolf patch as soon as they have completed the requirements instead of waiting until the end, since that also makes the ones who don't earn it not such the odd men out if they don't get one at the end of year event.
  5. End of Year w/out Rank complete

    I think part of the reason that I'm confused is because they are multiple things and the term Rank seems to be used to mean both the award and which grade den you belong to. Boys move up to the next level regardless of whether they complete the previous rank.
  6. End of Year w/out Rank complete

    Wow! Thanks for all of the responses! I feel like this SHOULDN'T be a big deal, but I'm finding that there are lots of things that I can't imagine someone caring about that they really, really do. I switched packs this year, from one that interprets "end of school year" literally (June 20ish, here!) to one that uses May 31 as the end, and has traditionally done the bridging at the May pack meeting. So, I was thinking these boys would have 3 months to try to finish everything, if that was something they cared about, and found out just this week that we have just over 2 months between now and the crossover. Eep. That means taking a pair of scissors to some of the elective stuff I thought the den was going to get done, too! The information about flexibility in deadline is helpful. My main concern is the Howling at the Moon campfire requirements and camping. We're trying to get another camping trip lined up for this year, but it would be either late May or June, so after our bridging. My guess would be that if they don't get the rank patch at the same time the other boys earn it, they won't care two weeks later and just won't earn it, but extending the deadline helps put a "haven't finished it YET" spin on it in the moment instead of feeling like they failed. And helps me feel like we did our part trying to offer a reasonable path to reach that goal if it's something they care about. So, something like the face painting for each rank - that would be tied to the den the child is entering, not the rank earned? I'm not sure whether this is exactly the script followed in our pack, but something along these lines http://www.scoutorama.com/ceremony/ceremony_display.cfm?cer_id=24 Thanks!