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    Pack Trailer

    I am new to scouting and the committee. I have recently found out that our Committee Chair has our pack trailer registered and titled only in her name. She has threatened to leave the pack. If this is the case where does the trailer go? She bought it with pack money but she has been in control of the finances for 14 years and our last audit was done 11 years ago. In short is it safe to assume she owns the trailer since her name is the only one on it and the pack will not be able to get it unless she is willing to sign it over? Who should the pack trailer be registered, titled, and insured by?
  2. Redman

    Pack Trailer

    Well not the best news but it was what I was expecting. So who is the trailer supposed to be registered to? I would like to see it under the pack or our CO but everything I have read the pack is not allowed to own property. Is this a law or BSA policy?
  3. Redman

    Pack Trailer

    Thank you! I look forward to learning from everyone here.