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  1. I just wanted to say that this is a really impressive site! I have a son who is a Bear this year, and we have been in scouting since he was a Tiger. Our Pack is small but growing as we discover how a Pack really should be run. When we joined in 2002, there was no Pack Committee, just the CM and ACM. They left next year, and the whole thing was dropped in the lap of the new CM, who was also a Den Leader, and who also had a full-time job with lots of responsibility. The finances were a mess and there was no liaison with the Charter Org, either. Well, we formed a small Pack Committe
  2. When my son started as a Tiger, we had almost all the meetings at the Den Leader's house. She worked Monday through Friday and couldn't really have a meeting except on the weekend when the school was closed. The parents were there, of course, and they did usually participate when we had a craft or kite flying or something similar going on. When he was a Wolf, we began to rotate the Den meeting to each parent's house. Since the parents drove the boy to the meeting, they stayed, and again, they participated when we were teaching something to the boys (i.e., compass skills, knots, etc).
  3. Thanks for the info! I did a search on "USSCOUTS" thinking that it would have been discussed, but I couldn't find anything. I like the forums here, and I intend to "hang around" and learn a lot from the participants. USSCOUTS is a good reference site, too, and a lot of the NetCompass links point to locations there. Hope they get back up and running again soon. Mike
  4. I have been trying without success for several days now to get to this site. Ditto with cubmaster.org, macscouter.org etc. Does anyone have any info on what's going on? Thanks, Mike
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