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  1. CubDad240

    Greetings from Westchester County, NY

    Thanks prof. Glad to be here. Look forward to many good discussions.
  2. CubDad240

    Who Among Us Wears a Smokey Bear/Campaign hat?

    Yes, for sure. I want my Cub Scouts to get the full experience, and that means a Cubmaster in a campaign hat! Mine is a vintage Stetson Scoutmaster. Judging by the felt, it's mostly rabbit/hare fur.
  3. CubDad240

    Greetings from Westchester County, NY

    Hi Dave, Welcome. I'm new to the site too. I live in Chappaqua, Cubmaster for Chappaqua Pack 2. We just came back from a great camp out at Durland. All the best, Christian