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  1. @ dilrod: Again, what girl wants to tell her friends she's a BOY Scout?? My daughter is a Venturer. During last year's class at the end of the year the students wrote down something most people didn't know about them. She wrote down that she is in Boy Scouts. No one guessed it was her. Not because she hid it, most of her friends knew she was involved and some of them had been in the past. As a Venturing leader all of our females are proud to tell people they are in Boy Scouts. Many are siblings of scouting brothers. Many of them have been at den meeting and put many volunteer hours at other's Eagle projects or scouting for food. We have brought coed youth to summer camp and the "camp" did not fall to pieces, in fact they welcomed us and encouraged us to attend again. Venturing is either coed, all male or all female. The unit & CO make this decision. I would imagine that is how the Troop will migrate to in the future if coed troops become available. As far as hormones go I have been pleasantly surprised at how they police each other and discourage the boyfriend/girlfriend situation among each other in the unit. Not only that but the have each others backs and watch over each other, which is the way it should be. We have had to have frank discussions with our youth regarding expected behavior and they comply out of respect for the leadership. Youth protection is always followed.