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  1. Thanks everyone for your responses. They have been helpful. There are a lot of red flags with this Pack. From what most of you have said above, I can be fairly certain (at least some of) the DLs are not even registered. I have offered, for 7 months now, to help with paperwork and the more mundane admin work. I get responses like--"I'll keep that in mind," or "I'll let you know." This Pack has no Committee (Treasurer, Secretary). I have been able to establish an online presence for the Pack, and are thus an informal secretary. The Dens meet at the same time, which is great in theory
  2. "The BSA Council will confirm YPT of new Leaders and the Leaders registered annually when the Pack re-charters with the BSA." That's the thing--we have new Den Leaders this year who have stated they have not taken YPT--ever.
  3. Hello, This past year, my family moved from an urban area to a rural one. We are not just in a different Pack this year, but also a different Council. My son is a Bear. I have two big concerns about this Pack: (1) The Pack Leader asked all adults--Den Leaders and Parents--to complete the Youth Protection Training Online. Several of us had technical difficulty, so I suggested that we order the DVD and watch it together. I told the PL to let me know if he needed any help getting this set-up. That was back in September. From discussions I had with other parents, YPT was not done last year
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