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  1. Guys, I'm just now seeing y'alls comments. Thanks for all your help and advice. Much appreciated!
  2. I've told folks before, I never was in scouts so with my son, this is my only chance to be a part of it. I would like to pursue some awards because it helps me stay the course and I like the idea of showing our scouts that their leaders are interested in doing our best as well. I do agree though, seeking a nomination is awkward. That's why I don't like the idea of nominations because nobody knows those are available. But that's coming from someone who never had the opportunity to be awarded. Oh well...
  3. Thanks blw2 and gumbymaster. I may email them and ask them the question as well. I just wished BSA was a little more clear on what is awarded and what is nominated.
  4. I'm new to cub scouting. I am the CM of our pack and the Tiger den leader. I am going through the Duty to God with my Tigers and since I am pastor of my church I wanted to lead our scouts through this. Most of what I have learned is hours and hours of scavenging the internet. However, the one question I can't get answer very straight forward is this. Does the adult religious knot, the purple knot on silver background, have to be earned or is it nominated on? I understand the honor of nominating leaders for awards however when a new pack starts up, there aren't many that know there
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