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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! We are going to contact the current council and see if they have records or any historians that are keeping track. I had not thought about Boy's Life... great idea!
  2. Hi. I'm new to the forum and new to scouting. Actually, I was in Cub Scouts nearly 40 years ago, but I've forgotten about that. My son is 11 and just joined a local Boy Scout troop. I joined as well as an adult member. I'm going to sign up as a merit badge counselor. The one I'm very qualified for is Mining in Society, but I doubt I'll get many takers here in Southern California.
  3. My son and I are trying to research information related to my grandfather and his involvement in Scouting. We are wondering if there are any sources to find out dates of Troop charters, Council organization, and Eagle Scout awards. I wish I had had more conversations with him about Scouting when he was alive, but hindsight is 20/20. We have been piecing together information from newspaper clippings. A 1964 article covering his Silver Beaver award stated that he became a Boy Scout in 1917, earned Eagle Scout in 1922, and later went on to be a Scoutmaster. Another article from the 1960
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