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  1. Who Among Us Wears a Smokey Bear/Campaign hat?

    They sell a Park Ranger hat on that site. And the model I'm looking at shows an example that's the same color, but it's offered in other colors including Forrest Green, Olive and Brown.
  2. Who Among Us Wears a Smokey Bear/Campaign hat?

    I have a question for everybody here. I'd like to wear a campaign hat in uniform. The problem is that felt hats are warm, and temperatures here in Phoenix top over 100 more than half the year. So, I've been looking at this LEO straw campaign hat. It should be much cooler, but it's also obviously not official. Thoughts?
  3. Hello. I'm an Eagle Scout from the Class of 1993. I took a long break from Scouting while life consistently got in the way. But now I'm back in uniform as a District Committee member in the Grand Canyon Council.
  4. Who Among Us Wears a Smokey Bear/Campaign hat?

    So, I have a question. I want to wear a campaign hat while in uniform. But sitting here in Phoenix, at 6:30AM, it's already 90 degrees outside. The week after our summer camp last June, we had evening lows of 102! I'm thinking about buying a straw campaign hat like this LEO uniform hat. It should be cooler than the felt, but it would be obvious that it's not official. Thoughts?