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  1. I think what I am going to do is suggest to her that he work on them together. His main thing is that he wants to be with his friends but does not mind putting in the work. I guess we will have to see if he really wants to work on both or not. Also, the AoL den is starting to teach patrol method when we get back to meetings in late August. We also have a day camp coming up that will be able to help a little in doing some of the requirements. I think if he realizes that if he puts in the hard work he will be able to get both I think he will but I guess it would be a wait and see. I do thin
  2. Hey thank you all for your responses. First, this is not my son. It is another youth in the troop and his mother talked to me about this. His friends are in the AoL group and he is still in the Webelos. But like I said before it seemed like he did things at home outside of the den when he was a bear. He was always being awarded more things than all the other boys of his den. My position in all of this is just as a supportive parent of my own son. I am not a leader in any fashion in the troop or den. I have offered to help out if it is ever needed or wanted. But have not been taken up on t
  3. Hey guys love the site and love the forums. I wish they were even busier as I love to chat about scouting. As I am new to scouting with my son I frequent all the different forums. Ok on to my question. I have a friend who has her son in the same troop as my son. Her son is just becoming a Webelos and turns 10 this month. My question is can her son just tell his den leader that he does not want to do the Webelos I program and work on the Arrow of Light since he will be 10 1/2 at the time all the others cross over into a troop. That is where his friends are at and he wants to be. He does no
  4. Personally, I would move troops. The leadership in that group is not the best, to say the least. Having an outburst in front of kids that include cursing, slamming doors, and the such is just stupid. Why they keep him is unexplainable? Obviously, the leadership of this troop does not have the scouts best interest at heart. While it is coming from district makes it even worse. My suggestion would be to contact someone higher up because my thought is that this just a lawsuit waiting to happen when something worse happens in front of or to one of the parents of one of the kids. It is unfortunate
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