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    Please explain...

    Background info: my former ex husband has been a leader for the last 3yrs. I have played the assistant leader the same time. Ultimately we went through a divorce, abusive marriage, I finally took a stand. Over the years, there's been multiple domestic calls, however, I always dropped charges. He's even had a violent outburst during a pack meeting, yelling & cussing, slamming doors, throwing things, to the extent that other pack leaders packed up and left with their children, cutting the meeting early. (Never got reported to counsel). Since the divorce, there was another domestic, he busted my front door in my 3yr old and mines face. I didn't drop charges. class B misdemeanor, and filed a restraining order, and supervised visits with the children. Due to filing the restraining order, I was asked to leave scouts, quoted "he's the leader, your the assistant, we're asking you to step down, he's free and clear until there's a conviction." I have all this screenshotted. So this literally kicked myself and my 8 yr old out of scouts. Since, he's violated the restraining order multiple times, they slapped Class A misdemeanor charges on him, which I was informed today, he's pleading guilty to the class A and as long as he pays the restitution to fix the door $300 in 90 days the Class B will be dropped. If not, they'll go on his permanent record as well. My issue, these decisions were coming from one of the district leaders. Why? Why were my son and I punished over his violent actions? Granted, I know the cubmaster likes him and fully swept the pack meeting incident under the rug, but seriously? I've always been under the understanding that cub scouts was for the kids. Please explain.