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  1. In the scouting world, there is a group of experienced volunteer scouters that specialize in helping cub scout packs. They are called commissioners. The District Commissioner is responsible for managing this team. Usually each pack is assigned one of these commissioners. If you don't know who your unit commissioner is, I would contact the council office and ask to speak with the district executive. He/she can let you know who is the unit commissioner assigned to your cub scout pack or give you the contact information for the district commissioner. These scouters are an awesome resource f
  2. http://usscouts.org/bbugle.asp a good resource for that kind of stuff.
  3. The information comes from Amy Hutcherson (BSA Pilots & Program Development, Cub Scouting Specialist) Her reply: Sure, your question is definitely one that has come up several times since the release of the new guide. We have compiled a list of Q&As that will address your question and others you may have. I’ve attached them for you. Also, recently we recorded a Cub Cast promoting RT and also addressing the changes for the upcoming year. It is set to be released on September 1st. http://www.scouting.org/Scoutcast/Cubcast.aspx
  4. Why are the 12 Points of the Law not matched to the same month in the Pack Meeting Plans or other written Cub Scout materials? In essence the material was written for the leader’s use, education and training without adding the constraint of matching to other written Cub Scout materials. In assessing the purpose of the CSRT as a supplemental monthly training and knowing the Den Leader Guides and Pack Meeting Plans give our leaders the assistance they need to plan their program, the task force selected 12 topics designed to enhance the unit’s current programming. Each month’s program was w
  5. https://cubscouts.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Building-a-Better-World.pdf There are some insight here. Judy
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