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  1. RT @RawStory: George Zimmerman retweets photo of Trayvon Martin’s body posted by admirer http://t.co/PmoAUestrC http://t.co/sp6573guy2

  2. RT @ciccmaher: Death Wish: #Georg Zimmerman Retweets Picture Of #TrayvonMartin’s Body For All To See http://t.co/jTSELsyLBC via @FreakOutNa…

  3. I happen to be the only merit badge counselor in my district, due to the requirements of specialized training, for rifle and shotgun. You would think that with a popular merit badge my phone would be ringing off the hook.....it's not. I do get calls from troops wanting to do a troop event but not from individual scouts. My suggestion would be a counselor for the district and if you find yourself getting too many calls then you can also change your status back to troop only. With you having only one Eagle merit badge, I don't see you getting too many calls for help.
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