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  1. Thanks Tahawk..you do have the correct person..my uncle Charles Smethurst Snow. His original family home at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane is called 'Leckhampton' and is now a heritage building owned by the Queensland government last time I checked.
  2. Just because a movie is not yet being shown in the theatres does not mean that is is not available overseas on dvd and it may have been purchased there. I have always been of the impression that much of the warnings shown at the beginning of some films is more or less about making commercial profits from showing film..not from watching a movie with your mates.I also do not believe that much of the information surrounding the issue is as clear cut as it is sometimes suggested by others, even those in that industry and particularly by media
  3. Thanks guys for your support..I am glad that you understand that kipedia is not a reliable website.As for the poster that thought I should learn more about using wiki..The problem with my uncles history bring interfered with on wikipedia will not be allievated by learning how to cut and paste and edit wikipedia. Regardless of any skills I utilise some anonymous persons have been removing it as anyone can edit. This situation is happening to my family in many situations not merely scouting history. This is because of the work I do about large scale crime. My post is merely a way of reminding
  4. Guys do not believe a website called http://www.wikipedia.org. when it comes to scouting history. Those people have been destroying scout history and spreading lies. My uncle Charles Smethurst Snow founded the scouts in Australia. He received a Silver Wolf medal in 1917 from Lord Baden-Powell ,according to the Australian government records and scouting records. His history is being deleted by someone. Uncle used to also have a statue of him that was on a hill overlooking the city of Brisbane..and scouting owned land and buildings are named after him because he provided them tor the Scouts.
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