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  1. I got a response. Scout leader says the movie was obtained by someone who completed a survey for a movie screening. Sounds questionable, but I didn't question it further...Scout leader also stated that he had concerns too, but put them aside when he saw the amount of kids that would not see the movie on account of movies being so expensive for low income families. I advised of being careful even in this circumstance...to do what is ethically right when given the opportunity. Scout leader agreed...said it won't go down like that again. Conversation was friendly, ended well...all is good.
  2. Below is the message that I sent one of the scout leaders and former pack leader. I am waiting for a reply. Hey -------. I have a question about the scout lock in a few weeks ago. I don't want to come across as being a jerk and I certainly do not want to make waves. It's about the movie that was shown (Big Hero 6) and how it was obtained given that it was still in theaters at the time...I'm not looking to get anyone in trouble or anything, but I want to know if the copy that was used for the showing was "illegally" used, burned, or downloaded from some kind of torrent site online. Like I
  3. Next week the troops are going to Wal Mart to steal a piece of gum...(because it's really not that big of a deal right...?). There are worse things going on in the world right?
  4. Adult volunteers should abide by the law. This is Cub Scouts...These parents are not volunteering for the local carnival. They are volunteering for an organization that is founded on principals of honesty. I personally don't care what the other volunteers think...As far as what I hope to accomplish...? What do you mean? You might be the type to let "small" crime slide, but not me...I hope to speak with the decision maker about this and gently let them know of my feelings. If all goes well, no harm will be done and hopefully something like this will not happen again.
  5. I help out quite often. My facility (home and wooded acreage is used for hiking and campfires and such for the troop). I'm also an educator (teacher at the middle school) and donate a lot of my time to various social and sporting activities for the community.
  6. I thinks there would be an ignorance to not know that it's a violation of some sorts...If Big Hero 6 is playing at the local multiplex and charging $8 per ticket, $6 for popcorn, $4 for a large drink...Why would anyone think it's ok to play it for FREE at the local armory to a group of Cub Scouts...It should have raised a red flag for the cub master or any of the den leaders. I know there are bigger problems in the world...even in our community. I certainly would not report this offense to the authorities or even threaten to do so. At most, I would "reveal" the possible ramifications of
  7. Yes...and people are harmed by pirated and illegally downloading mp3 music. I know...I'm a musician and have dealt with this myself. I've probably lost somewhere near $50,000 + from illegal downloading of my songs... So, this digital pirating thing hits home for me...
  8. I watched the movie "Gone Girl" the other night on DVD. Prior to the movie starting, there was a copyright disclaimer that said illegal pirating of the DVD is punishable up to 5 years in prison and up to $100,000 fine if caught. Going a couple miles over the speed limit gets you a warning if caught. No fine, no prison time... Hardly the same... To me, there is no justification for this...especially in a scout setting. Nobody's perfect, but I'm hearing some downright scary stuff on here in regards to examples being set by scout leaders in regards to what is right and wrong and wh
  9. If it had been a rented video from the local Blockbuster I would not have had a problem...This is a movie still in the theater and there is only one way to get a movie like that prior to it being officially released to the public and that is to knowingly download or get a copy of an illegally downloaded version. The crime itself is punishable up to 5 years with huge $$$$ fines. That's if you get caught though and most studios are not going to seek out a local scout troop for a violation. Still doesn't make it right...
  10. I think the extent of what I would do would be to let the scout leaders know of my disapproval of the action. Not sure if I want to pull my kid out or move packs...haven't made that decision yet. I guess it depends on their reaction to my voicing my opinion of the matter. If its "hey, it's no big deal, just a movie...get over it" type response, I'll yank him immediately. If its "we are sorry, didn't realize the crime, it won't happen again, thanks for bringing it to our attention..." I will probably leave him in the pack.
  11. I'm sure the line is drawn in different places for different people but I seem to have come to the wrong place in regards to finding ethical advice regarding this situation. Any illegal activity that is punishable by huge $$ fines if caught aught to be a red flag for any scout leader in my book. The act of going to a torrent site, knowing it's illegal, downloading a new release movie as a bootleg copy, burning it to a blank disc, and then showing it to a group of kids while wearing badges of honor is not very honorable. And...not the type of community I want my kid to hang with... "Good c
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