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  1. We did it and the boys ask for it all the time. I wrote out the cub scout promise on strips of card stock and slipped one in each balloon (2 teams so you'll need to do this for each team) Then I put 2 chairs down the line and the balloons under the chairs. The boys had to run down, grab a balloon, pop it and run back to tag the next team member who repeats the process. Once all the balloons were popped they had to put the strips in order and read it out loud. First one who does it correctly wins. I didn't fill up the balloons too much because I didn't want it to sting when they sat
  2. Thanks for the tips! We are a complete rebuild and Im playing Cub Master, Den Leader, Committee Chair, Treasurer, and Advancement Ah! Lets top it off that this is not only my first year but everyone else's in the pack, so we are a little lost. Whew! I probably am over thinking it, my head is just buzzing.
  3. We have 4 Tigers working on their Tiger Badges. Its time to do the 'Go See it' portion where we visit a historical site or library in our community. Im not really sure how to hold a 'Go See It' Do we meet first at our location then all get in our separate vehicles and try and navigate to the location? Or do we just meet at the location? How much heads up do I need to give the location? What if they really dont know what to do with us (The library for example)? I dont know what to do.. Our town pretty much shuts down at 6. Because of work schedules and being a
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