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  1. Oh thank you for the advice friend, ill take in consideration!
  2. No no friend, its not Smacked Doodle. Its Smacker Doodle. (It is a regional term, it means loads of help, by jiffy!.)
  3. So it appears one of my scouts has been showing minor homosexual tendencies, I saw him staring at another boys crotch during a scoutmaster minute on our campout last week. He enjoyed touching the other scouts, and they seem rather offended by his actions, should I talk to his parents? Any help would be a smacker doodle of a help!.
  4. So i wanted to introduce myself, i am a 47 year old, from good o'l Albuquerque New Mexico!. So Im knew to the forums, although certainly not new to boy scouts! I do host a regular get together with all the young men in my area, we work on fire starting, the boy scout handshake and tying knots!.
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