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  1. Why not go back to candy bars. I remember selling a ton of those things. Started out at .50 cents when i left the were $2 with a $1 coupon. Just think how many could be sold. Also you could sell more as people would not think that to expensive. The issue with popcorn is the cost. i Know for a fact that my girl scout sells a ton of cookies because they cost $3.50. If scouts actually want to raise money to help scouts go to camp. Than they need to sell products that sell quick and lots of it. I made enough money selling that candy to afford my camp and yearly fees plus help other scouts.
  2. I was a boy scout during the 80's. went on to the U.S. Army now I am a EMT working on becoming a Paramedic. One of my sons is currently in boy scouts another about to go into cub scouts. I hope that they do not sour my kids to scouting like i got from bad scout masters.
  3. The issue i see with other scouts voting who go's OA is this. If they do not like the kid for what ever reason that kid never gets into OA.
  4. I was a scout during the 1980's. The scout master I had must have been an idiot. He gave us a choice of those or our merit badge. Also in my troop you had to show that you knew all the requirements to get the badge or loop. I also remember how much of a pain those things were to get through the loops on the pants. I do not know if any other scout masters were confused on what they were issue for. but that would explain why they disappeared. I remember having to light a fire with two matches, proper hand ax handling, and some of the first aid you had to do. What turned me off to scouting i
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