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  1. You hit the nail on that. (Pun intended). Another learning opportunity for the scouts. Have to figure out which merit badge that can be applied to.
  2. Hello all! My name is Matt. Been an ASM for about a year, and will be a SM for a year or two (rotating with Cub Scouts). I had bought a trailer for the scouts to use on outings, and found a thread here relating to troop trailers. Looks like after a 100 years we're still trying to define what scouting is (my first stab at the politics here. LOL! Yeah, always the new guy (stir the pot, stir the pot) LOL. Any way, looking forward to learning about activities and opportunities that I can take back to the troop. Thank you very much for having me, and sincerely hope I can contribute to your success in building leaders.
  3. Good evening all! I've been an ASM for about a year now, and was selected to take on the SM role starting In a couple days. At our last outing, we barely had enough room in the suburban for 3 scouts and all their gear, plus all the patrol boxes. My immediate response was to buy a 7'x14' v-nose tandem that I could multi-purpose (troop camp, motorcycling, personal camp outs, church cleanup...). In my search for troop trailer design ideas, I found your thread. Adding in my two cents, I would have to say 'opportunity cost.' Although our troop is led by the scouts, opportunities are typically provided by the adults. As the new SM, I want to ensue every scout has the opportunity to attend outings, regardless of what kind of outing they decide on. I appreciate the perspectives everyone has, and for sharing them. My take away is that the trailer should not to be used for permanent storage. They can load what they need, take it back home with them, and patrol boxes go back in storage. Hopefully this brings the pendulum back towards the middle, and increases the scouts opportunities to attend, to learn, and to become leaders. If anyone has some pics of good storage designs, it would be appreciated. My initial thought is three shelves on each side, each pinning the other against the walls so it does not have to be nailed down. I would think a modular design which could be customized to the their activity (camping, hiking, biking...) would be ideal.
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