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  1. After reading all the responses, there are obviously differing opinions on how to best proceed with this Scout. I do appreciate all of the advice. I plan to meet with the Scout to find out more details on his personal goals and what I can do to help support him. I am going to make sure we will put him in a position to lead and mentor the younger scouts and benefit the troop (just added another dollar to the jar, Kudu). Right now, I am leaning towards having him spend some time as a troop (there’s another buck) guide before considering JASM.
  2. The JASM was the scout's suggestion. My initial thought was for him to be a guide or instructor. I told him I wanted to give his suggestion some consideration before giving him an answer. I want the boys to choose their PL rather than having him fulfill that role. With a young troop, it would be great to have an older, experienced Scout in the mix. I just need to find a role for him that will keep him interested, engaged, and challenged (I don't think PL will do that) but also help me with developing a new troop and mentoring these young scouts.
  3. This is my first "real" post in the forums so if it is in the wrong place, please let me know and I will repost in a different section. In April, I will be starting up a new Boy Scout Troop. I will have 11 boys, none with more than 1 year experience as a Boy Scout. I have been approached by a young man who will turn 16 in April who asked about joining the troop as a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster. He is an Eagle Scout who has previously been a SPL in his troop. He has been attending a troop out of town for the last 5 years as he wanted to be in a faith based troop (only troop in town prior
  4. This sounds a lot like my situation. I'll have my 6 Webelos + 5 other young men when my new troop starts in 2 months. None of them will have more than 1 year experience as a Boy Scout. I am looking forward to quickly instituting the patrol method and empowering them to run their Scouting program. Thanks to all for the advice and the warm welcome.
  5. I am a Webelos den leader for a Cub Scout pack and have been asked to be the Scoutmaster of a new troop chartered by my church. I have been checking out the forums and already found a lot of information that will be very helpful. I look forward to participating in the forums.
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