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  1. Ah the joys of VIRTUS! Firstly, yes they would be required to do it, if the dioceses gets wind that you are sidestepping this, they will not be pleased (or at least this should be their attitude if they found out). But the real question is do they have to do the monthly online bulletins as well? All things considered though, while it may be a three hour class that is rather boring, and we might not think we can learn much from listening to Roller Rink Randy, It is a good thing to be aware of the warning signs of child abuse. While this may not be the optimal program to do that, its what
  2. Playing it safe and just saying no seems to be the prudent thing to do here.
  3. I would suggest going with stainless. As for cleaning, while you are still at the campout, just boil some soapy water right in the pot after you have used it, that usually makes everything wipe out easily. Then it is always nice being able to stick it in the dishwasher after you get home. Dutch oven are nice and a good skill to teach scouts. However, if you use them always put foil in the first to make clean-up easy. If anything, it seems you may also benefit from a cast iron griddle, makes pancakes and the likes great. However, be sure not to cook bacon on a griddle, as the grease
  4. When I was in scouts (both cub and boy) we would always try and get guys from the different troops which the webelos were "graduating into" involved in the ceremony. So it would both be a Arrow of Light ceremony, but also a bridging ceremony. I remember that when I got my Arrow of Light, having the older scouts there really meant a lot, and help me transition better into my Boy Scout troop. No doubt, the OA guys look awesome in their garb, but it also really helps to have few local Boy Scouts there too. And I almost forgot, whatever you do, feed them something for sure.
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