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  1. I have seen the menu and I was wondering if I would be frowned upon if I brought a couple bags of beef jerky?
  2. Thanks, I'm sure I'll have a great time. I was saying I will be mad if I have to wait in line behind visitors that didn't pay the full price. About the Uniforms I have no problem with wearing my scout uniform, but I don't (didn't) have extra random green shorts and green socks. I do now of course. I guess what really made me mad was that our contingent didn't come out right and say we had to be in uniform the whole time. I don't like that I had to spontaneously (1 week ago) go buy more pants and socks.
  3. Yes, I'm a scout going and if I have to wait I WILL BE MAD. They are already making us where green socks and shorts and shirts that says 'Scouts', now they're going to steel our fun too.
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