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  1. Really interesting to read this thread folks as a non US scouter. The lack of a UK museum is very sad to me although the archives at Gilwell have some great stuff. I did a little research on Kenneth McLaren - the good friend of BP and the first Scouter - this guy was pivotal to BP and scouting. There has been some hint about the relationship between him and BP over the years. Not sure if its this or a general lack of interest in Scouting history but its like some of these early pioneers never existed. I found his grave on a wild hillside in the Highlands - practically falling over and unloved. No interest from Scouting media about a piece on him - from UK Scouting or BSA ! As a movement we should be forward looking but you forget where you come from at you peril..... Scouting is booming in the UK and Scotland in particular and I think its because we have stopped trying to be a bloody youth club like we did in the 90's and are now looking both ways. My troop push bushcraft and woodcraft hard and the kids love it. http://scoutinghistory.wordpress.com
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