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  1. Your local scout office is a good bet. I hear you about the controlling leader. Good for you getting out to the National Parks!
  2. I like my leader she is new but is good with the girls. She is a true girly girl. and of course I am a polar opposite but I do play along. My only criticism about here is that she a total by the book leader and is strongly influenced by several mothers in the group that don't believe I should be there . She has never been disrespectful to me directly however I do know that she as said and done things behind my back even though she had asked me to put together some activity. I did confront her with that and it does seem to have stopped. She knows that I am one of the few parents that she
  3. Qwazse Thank you for your comments ParkMan: I agree with you point however, if you look back and my earlier posts. I was seeking advise on how to find a program more suitable to my daughters desires and allow me to participate without feeling completely out of place. This year I got behind all of the activities cheerfully and with enthusiasm even when I didn't agree with the activity. Of course my gender prevents me attending overnight event which is fine by me. and I wouldn't allow my daughter to camp out in a mall. I became an official GSUSA volunteer and took several GSUSA training c
  4. ScoutNut your approach seems utopic. And I would like to see it in action maybe my daughter will join your troop. Please come here and show us how its done. Ill back you you sound like the leader we need. In fact I think the Whole of LA needs you. Sort of like a GS version of Nanny McPhee
  5. To further the point the financial aspect was never and I mean never discussed with the girls. Al they heard was who was getting what prize. Nothing to do with Balancing money or anything . In fact our troops finances are a tightly held secret known only by the leader. Who came up with the cash when they couldn't afford the van rental for the camp. Ill let you guess. And I'm on disability.
  6. To answer both your questions is yes I have. I do put my money where my mouth is. And I do organize events. Thank you for your opinion! As fare as the planned parenthood comment goes If you haven't figured out from my posts I take my parental responsibilities very seriously and don't appreciate being lumped together with a group that I am morally and politically against. So I would thank you for keeping politics out of the conversation. I am happy for you if your troop families support your cookie sale efforts. But in my case I was the parent that always came early to cover the par
  7. Umm! Wink Nod. Glad you said it. Try LA! They can hike here but it has to be in a mall. Cookies, popcorn candy, stupid overpriced gift wrap Its all crazy whither it is the BSA or GSUSA. Whats the point? I know ill get some person writing in and saying it teaches leadership Blah Blah. Really its parent exploitation. But I get it and will play along as long as the troop does something anything else. If they wanted to teach something business like then they should let the troop form their own business venture from the ground up and not force cookies/Popcorn Really Popcorn? In my d
  8. By Far ! BSA does do some but not to the level of the Multi National event that cookies are. Even IBF has looked into it with concern
  9. I agree with you But there has to be a balance. A decent camp experience doesn't mean you can do other activities as well. Honestly, I don't know what a real girl scout is. But if what GSUSA is teaching is not empowerment and self confidence which are things a child gains from the camp experience along with several other activities then what is the point. Frankly if GSUSA spent half as much time providing these activities as the do pushing sales the Scouting experience for girls would be so much better. I applaud the troops that have gotten away from the marketing and focus solely on th
  10. Thank you! I hope to find a GSUSA troop that is better fit for her. This weekend I am teaching a outdoor cooking training class with a troop that looks promising.
  11. I am GSUSA and BSA trained and certified. Most the kids all want to go. The kids all like me because I do all sorts of activities with them and I treat them more like yonng ladies and not helpless children . That is not the problem it is 100% parents and Leadership. And nobody but me is willing to step up. I do not want the risk of leading the troop with out parental support and backup.
  12. Your right I am looking for a way to bail out. I don't have the support most of the parents, But most of the parents wouldn't lift a finger to do anything anyway. I went as far a organizing a trip this summer for for the girls and families to the mountains. I have a few takers but the majority made their usual list of excuses why they cant go. I am not willing to take girls without their families this go around. The leadership will be there but if a parent is unwilling to even spend a weekend with a their child then. I set a up a cool list of activities Geo-caching, Native American tal
  13. That is good advice. I am going to see if we can attend a IG meeting. Since ther does not seem to be any structure to GSA like the BSA has I don't feel she will be missing anything . Perhaps the IG will be the best choice. I like the fact that it is coed and dads take a leadership role along with the mothers.
  14. The exploration aspects comes from the back end of the cookie sales. And the pressure put on the girls by troop, leaders, peers and counsel. Eating the cookies are not the problem. As far as inspecting for tick and other aspects I have always taught the kids that I have camped with to inspect each other nightly before changing before bed and unrolling their sleeping bag. What I was talking about is the epidemic of false allegations by young girls. Just the mere suggestion of something inappropriate happening even it is proven to be untrue will ruin a man and his family's life. IE: Guilty
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