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  1. It would be a great experience of camping there; you only need to look for the right time and the weather condition at this place before visiting.
  2. Well in such a case if you have authorities nearby then it is better to ask then to remove your confusion but as per the taking of decision it was right on your part.
  3. Scouting has so many things to learn. I keep on learning about various things and that is why I also want children to take full interest in scouting and other summer camp activities. It is the best time for them to learn new things.
  4. The fun of camping is just amazing. The experience gained by any person by visiting new places, survive with limited supplies and ultimately face different conditions together feels great. Out of so many camping suggestions it certainly becomes a little tough to decide that what sort of adventure should be selected to have a good time.
  5. Well as most of the suggestions have already been put up so it would be better to carry only that luggage for camping which is actually useful to avoid getting messed up in handling the inventory. Also whatever place is selected for camping must be in reach of medical facilities.
  6. Campfire is a real fun for children. They enjoy a lot while playing in a cozy environment. Lots of songs and dance is the fun element of campfire for children. Most of my neighbors send their children to summer camp every year.
  7. Well, cell phones are necessary to keep track of children when they are in camps. It is obvious that parents will want to talk to their children and get worried when there is no conversation for a day or two. So cell phones should be used but for a limited time.
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