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  1. A off the wall method. Elect a SPL to run the troop during meetings and be the turn to person at camp. For each camp have the scouts elect a patrol leader for that camping trip to be in charge for that outing (Planning, staging and running). This will help in many ways, Each scout will develop a understanding of leadership roles, As your troop starts to grow the scouts you have know will have the basic skills to be patrol leaders, Your SPL will learn how to support and lead different scouts as patrol leaders. Your SPL should help each new scout get ready for the campout. BRAZZIN
  2. Over a year ago I was informed a new troop was starting in our area. This may sound like good news but our school has less then 900 students and the cub pack averages 4 to 6 second year webelows per year. The troop had 12 scouts at the time. So why start another troop? The mother of the boy didn't understand or like the current troop methods. I have earned my wood badge beeds and thought I was following the spirit of Scouting. But as with any public position there are many aproaches to each task. So did the distric or council talk to me or the troop committee to improve the question area this
  3. For the last 12 years We have been suppling our small counity with a active Boy Scout program. Last year the cub master and his son crossed over. The son did not like our troop or any of the neighboring troops. I beleive the boy had no intrest in scouting. But the parents did. I tried to get input from the parents on what we could change to keep him in. The reply that I received from the parents was he won't say anything besides he doesn't like it. So in responce they deceided to start their own troop in our town. This was the only their son would stay in. Our troop was up to 18 boys at best.
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