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  1. Stay the course your on the right track.Practice makes perfect my Dad used to say.I was a scout in a troop that done everything without the adults butting in as a kid,it was great!I also just reorganized a troop that wasnt boy run,WOW what a headache its been.But our scouts do everything for themselves unless they are in dire need and ask for help.They will get better and faster,until then allow more time and make things a challenge to get better.Make things a competition as another scouter said and make it fun! Keep menus simple bag breakfast,foil dinners,stews in dutch ovens,etc.It works for my troop and we have more time for activities.If they want a challenging meal make the dinner a little more complicated so they learn cooking skills.That way there only holding up the campfire.Campfires are better late at night anyway.I have a troop simular to yours e-mail me at T337SM if you want to share ideas,you can never have enough. Chuck
  2. Ok,guys I wasnt trying to cause a debate on the subject.I know all about the policies and regulations of the BSA.I am a by the book scouter if we deviate from the program its no longer Boy Scouting.Its just truly frustrating trying to teach the patrol method to a small troop.I own literally 200 books on scouting and only lack Woodbadge in my training. I am just looking for common sense ideas to make my job easier.I have already gotten some ideas but the more info I have the better. If I really wanted to create a stir I would post my views on allowing GAYS into Scouting......NOT!!!!!!To compromise scoutings morals is an issue that makes my skin crawl,just like deviating from scoutings program,policies,or regulations. Which is not in this scouters vocabulary.If you dont like what or how scouting is run find another organization I say. But What I need are common sense ideas to help me now and in the near future.Keep sending me your input its good to hear from scouters that have there whole heart into our great organization.I will be adding my input on other subjects and look forward to talking to all of you...... No matter how cranky you are,haha!! T337SM
  3. I am the Scoutmaster of a reorganizing troop.I am not new to scouting just fairly new to being a SM(3 years) but have been all through Tigers to Webelos to Boy Scouts. I am fully trained and was once a scout in a true boy run troop.What I need is ideas and advice on teaching the patrol method to a SMALL TROOP(5 boys).Everyting I read and have been taught is for larger troops.In essence we are starting a new troop,highest rank is almost Star.We have a definite potential to grow with our pack and others.We lost all our older scouts due to reorganizing and attaining the Eagle Rank.We really need to be prepared for New Scouts comming in Feb. Crossover.But teaching JLT to a small group is very difficult.Any help is appreciated. Scoutmaster Troop 337
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