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  1. Hi All,

    We're currently looking into insurance for our recently acquired trailer. I understand that we need theft insurance for the trailer and equipment contained within, and that when it is being towed, it is covered by the liability insurance of the person towing it.


    What i'm struggling with is whether or not we need additional liability insurance on the trailer when it is at rest. E.g. if it falls on someone, catches, fire, etc. We've gotten a quote that covers theft and liability for our CO at a cost of over $900 per year, which is way out of budget for us. Theft insurance alone runs less than $200. Our CO is a small community organization and they lack much in the way of liability insurance of their own, so this is a big issue.


    What are others doing about insurance? What are you paying?






  2. thanks everyone. We're currently using ScoutLander and am evaluating alternatives. the three that have risen to the top are TroopWebHost ($99) and ScoutSpirit (Free). I'm a bit leery of ScoutSpirit given that it's free (how do they support their efforts? Has anyone used it?


    Also, TroopTrack looks interesting but they provide little info on their web site and they want you to sign up for a live demo. Has anyone used it as well?



  3. has anyone found anything capable of sending SMS alerts out to Scouts? Scouts, as most of you know, don't read e-mail but they will look at texts. We also want something that parents can use to import into their personal calendars (e.g. Google).

  4. Hi all, we're going on a cabin camping trip soon (10 webelos, 5-6 dads), the cabins hold about 6 people. I don't see anything specific in YPT/Guide to Safe Scouting as to how to handle this. My assumption is that if kids are mixed with adults then minimum of 2 adults in a cabin, and bathroom/shower must have a closable door. I'm not sure we'll have enough cabins for adults to be completely separate (and we may run into webelos who want to be their dads).


    Thanks for any advice.

  5. we had our beading ceremony this week. The WB SM looked over at our SPL at the start of the ceremony and asked "how long do I have?" He kept the whole thing to less than 10 minutes, including the song. The kids seemed to get a kick out of it, and we hopefully recruited 2 more adults to go through the program.

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