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  1. Our Pack has three scheduled activities over the summer - bowling in June, a swim party in July, and a fishing derby in August. We do not have Pack or Den meetings those three months. We also encourage our boys to attend camp - we select a day and an overnight camp together and encourage all our members to attend one or both of those.
  2. This is my second year as a Den Leader. One of the boys that has been with our Pack all three years now, under my leadership for the last year and a half, stopped coming to Den and Pack meetings a few months ago. I communicate regularly with my Den parents (via texts, emails, and phone calls) to update them on meeting activities, achievement requirements, and so on. I have reached out to them numerous times over the past months and received no responses. I have mentioned it to our Cubmaster too and he has claimed ignorance. Recently we had our Pinewood Derby and they dropped off a car the
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