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  1. Bob White: I agree completely with what you said - from a philosophical point - it's the implementation that's always a challenge. In my experience in our unit, the committee is usually made up of parents who don't want the day to day involvement in the program, but "know" how it should be done. Myself and the Assistant Scoutmasters have all gone through various levels of training, including Wood Badge (5, including me, have their beads and a 5th is working his ticket currently), however no one on the current committee has yet to complete any training. I understand your viewpoint a
  2. Beevah responded to a comment in another thread: (original thread) "Also, what about a POR that the scout has done "in name only" for the entire time he has had the job. If the Scoutmaster signs off on his book, then I'm assuming the committee must approve." (Beevah's Response) "The reason there's a committee is as a check and balance on the SM, eh? If da committee in a BOR really doesn't feel the lad has met the requirements, they are honor-bound to say "no." The SM may choose to appeal on da boys behalf, and the district or council or Irving may agree and award the rank. None of th
  3. Thanks everyone for your input - it's exactly what I was looking for and expecting. To answer a couple of the points made - I did indeed check the Scoutmaster Handbook and read the section pointed out by Bob White. After reading Mr. White's response, I read the SMH again - I guess it's a matter of perspective or frame of mind when you are reading. I don't like to "interpret" what's written, but I guess that the frame of reference where I was coming from (the Troop making up the rules) I saw that section to be a list of possibilities, instead of a list of authorized personnel. I guess
  4. Question for the group - How do your units handle signing off on Rank Advancement requirements? Our Troop has been using a Troop rule for at least ten years, that is no longer workable and I'm looking for ideas. I've tried getting the PLC to come up with suggestions, as it was originally a PLC that created the current rule. Unfortunately, the PLC elected to "delegate" the revision of the rule to the Scoutmaster - me. I always thought the "official" or original plan was to have the Patrol Leader sign off on a Scout's rank advancement. After a review of the Boy Scout Handbook, the S
  5. Very interesting discussion. I have just entered my second year as Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner and am struggling with many of the same issues. When I stepped up last year one of the first things I did was work with the District Commissioner to change the format a little. We did exactly what some of the members of this discussion suggested. Announcements were cut back dramatically to only critical ones - and only to the appropriate group. We added gathering/fellowship time (15 minutes) before the official start, and we have a table for fliers, announcements, brochures, etc. Roundtab
  6. Lynn, Your question and the various responses brought back a lot of memories for me, mostly unpleasant. I'm a Wood Badge trained Scoutmaster (Antelope C-19-01) and have been Scoutmaster for the last 7 years. I've lived through almost every one of the scenarios described in these postings: Committee Chair attempting to "fire" the Scoutmaster and Incoming Scoutmaster (me). Parents looking to replace the Committee Chair. Committee Chair trying to run the program by telling me what/how to do things. Absent Charter Organization. We've had a mass exodus of older youth and involved p
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