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  1. Thank you all for your response. The Unit Commissioner commissioner has been in contact with us and the District Commissioner and has asked for clarification. This question has come up because the majority of the unit and committee want a new cc that will be more effective and be a facilator not a dictator and keep the boys troop alive. the current cc does not have a child in the program now, his son is now away at college and it is time for him to move on as well and let a person become involved that has a vested interest. It appears a talk with the COH or COR will be needed to get change
  2. Do troop committee's hold an election every year and get to vote for the person that they feel would be the best for the position? It is a secret ballot of show of hands? How many votes does it take to be elected? Who counts the votes? We have a troop that wants positions changed as the troop.
  3. What constitutes "100% Boys's Life" participation in a troop concerning receiving Boys Life Magazine. Some in our committee argue that "each and every boy in the troop must have their own subscription to Boy's Life Magazine" to have the 100% status. The other group says that " each FAMILY in the troop must have a subscription to Boy's Life Magazine" as in if there are 2 or 3 brothers in a family only 1 subscription is needed to qualify for 100% Boys Life participation. Is this written anywhere to prove this rule? Thank you.
  4. another question about fundraiser fund division. How do various troop handle division of fundraiser funds into boys accounts. Divide money to help with payment of summer camp?
  5. What are the various requirements for Eagle rank including night of camping. Can adult leaders help Life rank scout fill out paperwork for eagle project?
  6. I'd like to hear from experienced scouts as to how the division of fundraiser money is divided into scout accounts and how troop funds are handled. thankyou.
  7. First question: Is it the usual practice for the SPL to attend the Troop Committee meetings? I thought the troop committee was only attended by committee members and Scoutmaster,Assistant SM. Patrol Leader Council was for SPL to attend with other scouts and Scoutmaster.
  8. thank you. So the SM may approve certain members of the troop, or a unit commissioner, to be able to sign off say a swimming requirement for 2nd class.
  9. Question: Who is allowed to sign the scouts handbook indicating that he has completed that requirement other than the scoutmaster and assistant scoutmaster? Are committee members, unit commissioner, SPL?
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