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  1. After reading much of the discussions, I went to the Venturing Handbook. On page 68, right column near the bottom, it states: A venture who has earned the Eagle Rank, can continue to wear the Eagle Patch until thier 21. So It is not in the BSA Insignia Guide but it is in the Venture Handbook that allows them to wear the Eagle Badge/patch until they age out at 21..
  2. Like the previous posts replied, I see nothing wrong with a scout/scouter getting a wearing a visitors patch as long as they wear it the correct way..Centered on the Right Pocket..FOR ONLY REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS can wear the National Jamboree Patch ABOVE THE RIGHT POCKET..That showed that they did indeed participate and wear the Patch that signifies that.. I mispoke myself in a earlier post when I said "So every scout that wants to go can go as a registered participant". That should have said, "So every scout that wants to go CANNOT go as a registered participant." But if they make the e
  3. To: Blade1158 Why do you hope that there is no visitors patch...?? The boys may night have been able to afford it or there is only so much room..I know our council in Ohio there is a pretty long waiting list.So every scout that wants to go can go as a registered participant...At least the visitors patch will signify that they went and had the scouting expierence..and the correct way to wear the visitors patch is centered on the right pocket where the temp patches go...For only Registered participants can wear the National Jamboree Patche ABOVE THE RIGHT POCKET per the BSA Uniform Guide...
  4. To acco40 "I've never been to a National Jamboree, yet I proudly (and correctly) wear my Jamboree patch." How do you wear it proudly and correctly for you said you have never been to a National Jamboree..For even visitors to the National Jamboree only can wear the Patch as a Temp Patch on the right pocket..For only registered participants can wear the National Jamboree patch ABOVE the right pocket. Did you misspoke yourself..or were you mistaken..Just checking.. Sam
  5. No it did not...My mom had put the patch from my uniform in a drawer and I had 2 brand new patches in the sealed plastic they came in..So I do not know about them drying out or fading...Sorry I was not much help..sam
  6. I went to Moraine, PA..I was in troop912 from Fort Lee Va..I am not sure what part of camp but i still remember playing the Friendship game where you had a colored letter and you tried to find other scouts from different parts of the country and world to spell out FRIENDSHIP. You Then had the scouts sign the back of your card..Than you all stayed together while you find other scouts with the letters you needed...I also liked the colorful patch..And I am wearing it proudly and correctly..I remember Danny Thomas on opening night.It was great.. But as you read the BSA Uniform Guide it says B
  7. I attended the 1973 National Jamboree in PA as a 15 year old scout. I am now 46 and a Asst Scoutmaster..I was a Webelos Leader with my son and we both have crossed over to Boy scouting. My son is 11..I was away from scouting for along time..The question I have is that the Uniform Guide states, "The jamboree emblem is worn over the right pocket by Boy Scouts/Ventures/Scouters who were registered to attend or attended the jamboree as a registered participant or staff member." This is from the Official BSA Uniform Guide..The website www.scoutmaster.org states, "That once earned, the jamboree embl
  8. I am wondering about the 2005 Jamboree Patches. The 2001 Jamboree had 4 different patches,,for participants (Youth and Adult), for visitors, and for staff. Are they doing the same thing for the 2005 Jamboree..We are thinking about visiting and some of the scouts want to know and the Official WebSite says nothing but they want Troops to Visit the Jamboree...And scouts old and young like patches..There has been alot of talk about the 50 mile limit..The website says that National would not authorize any permits for troops to stay within 50 miles of the Jamboree site and has asked local councils t
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