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  1. OGE - great idea! Afterall, scouting should be boy-run right? ItsMe - I'm Staying Aliiiiivvvve
  2. BW - The parenthetical language of section IX says paintball is included as firearm only with respect to the restriction of pointing it at someone. The same parenthetical language was not added in Section VIII. If they wanted to restrict target shooting with paintball guns they could have very easily done so by adding the parenthetical language to the Section VIII discussion. But they did not. So that leaves it a matter of interpretation until BSA chooses to clarify. Shooting a target with a paintball gun (under proper supervision) is not prohibited by the BSA. The BSA only retricts
  3. Mark - we charge $100 dues and do four fundraisers a year. Scout gets to keep all the money they fundraise and can apply it to their own dues, own camping costs, own equipment purchases, etc. For years, we had lower dues and the fundraising would always be a challenge - one boy raises $400 while another raises nothing for any number of reasons - mostly just did not want to be bothered. The straw that broke the camels back was a fundraiser in which only 25% participated. The feedback from the parents was pretty much split - half wanted to fundraise, the other half just wanted to stroke check
  4. WWBPD


    I have seen that alot, especially with scouts that change position every 6 months. But...your just putting off the inevitable, if the shirt is more than a year old go buy a new shirt for your ASM patch and retire that old stinky thing to your Commish patch. If the new position doesn't work out you still have a servicable fieldshirt for camping and keep the new one for indoor wear.
  5. sorry packsaddle - I only have eight fingers - I am looking forward to Christmas though
  6. BW - page reference please. Always follow the rules...its my curse in life.
  7. Fabreze pads built into the underarms would be nice. Zip off pants are now all the rage. Its been 20 years since the last design change - I think its time for a little updating. Those that say the uniform is perfect as is and should not be updated probably said the same thing in 1981 when the last change was made. Besides then I might consider tossing out my white disco suit, flower print nylon shirts, 4" belts and bozo-sized ties.
  8. Make it a rule that people should sing when they find an item...that way it will find its way back to owner much faster. FALALALALALALALA!!!!
  9. Submit through another district? Is that possible? Would we then have to use the other district for the BOR chair? If we used our district BOR chair...he may have some big questions as to why we did not go through our own district's project coordinator. I can hear the poor scout explaining that to him. WWBPD Deut. 23:13
  10. OGE - where did I say the pop-up targets were to be anything other than circles? I will bet you a penny that twenty years from now, Scout Camps will have paintball walk-through target ranges. Its like the skateboard ramps you are now finding popping up at camps. Our troop does not do paintball (because it is prohibited) but it only comes up about..oh..a dozen times a year. Of course there are a million other great scouting activities other than paintball. Can we have a water balloon fight with dyed water?
  11. We charge $100 ($25 per quarter) - covers scout and adult registration, boys life, awards, misc supplies. Used to charge less with difference made up through fundraising. People got tired of the age old issue of covering those who refused to fundraise. Now everyone pays $100 and 100% of the profits from our multiple fundraisers go into the individual scout accounts based on their individual production. That way, those who don't want to come out of pocket can fundraise and those who prefer just to write a check can do so. For big equipment outlays we do special fundraisers with proceeds go
  12. BW - please set me straight...where is a "paintball gun" referenced in Section VIII of G2SS? Are you interpreting it to be a "firearm" which is prohibited except for law enforcement? At best it is an "airgun" - see first paragraph of Section VIII which the G2SS section does not really define and then goes on to say virtually nothing about - except for reference to "air rifle". Or is it a "handgun" which again is not defined although the G2SS discussion goes on to talk about "pistols" - (I presume this is your contention because of your reference to Venturing)? Most paintball guns require t
  13. I know the G2SS says no paintballing...but how about paintball target shooting. Set up a cool cityscape that the scout works his way through with pop-up targets (much like in an old Dirty Harry movie - the one with the bad cops). You could have a police officer come to talk about the split second decisions that need to be made, offer hints, give scouts a glimpse of law enforcement work, maybe expand to Crime Prevention merit badge. I would interpret the G2SS that BSA doesn't want people pointing 'simulated weapons' at each other...but what would be wrong with a cool target round - scouts can
  14. Gettysburg...we do it every other year...we are 2 hours away...I'm a Civil War nut. For young kids, the 3 mile Johnny Reb trail will knock them out, I would not attemp the 10 mile Billy Yank trail - thats an all day thing and you miss so much more. Better to do the shorter hike and then drive to the hotspots along the tour route - Devil's den and a hike up Round top. Definitely want to do the visitor center, electric map and cyclorama. The Eisenhower house tour is pretty good and takes about 1.5 hours. The wax museum is a good stop and it is just behind the visitor center across the street
  15. WOW! New to the forum...you guys (and gals) are really committed (or should be?!?). Turned over my SM role a few months ago and now taking it easy being an ASM, MBC, OA guy, Eagle Advisor, etc. etc. Plenty of time to surf the net now too. Anyway, from starting a new troop from scratch 4 years ago (now up to 45 scouts) we have 8-10 who are just getting into their Eagle projects. In our district there is one 'Eagle Project Coordinator' who is the only door for project approval. He has been doing it since the great flood, a nice guy and seems to go out of his way to help the scouts. But wit
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