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  1. Just a quick note to congratulate Maj Steele for his Honor Medal. In answer to the comments/questions regarding the awarding of the medal, the National Capital Area Council only recommends awarding of the Medal based on their investigation of the circumstances, then forwards that information on to the National Court of Honor at BSA National Headquarters for final review and approval. Many recommendations are downgraded to either the Heroism Award or Medal of Merit. In this case the Medal was approved and Maj. Steele is to be congratulated for this very high Honor. Similar to that of Awardi
  2. Guess what folks? I just found out that I shortly will receive two more awards, that will make square knots numbers 22 and 23. And you know what? I'm going to sew them on my uniform also! My uniform looks like some kind of knot display tac board! Or is that tacky board. Either way, I earned them all and I'm proud of it. Lot's of hard work for this has been. Actually I really couldn't care less about those knots, but I sure do care about all the time and in one case almost my life in earning them! Your's In Scouting!
  3. Time to talk beads, knots and other things! For many years I would only wear my HONOR MEDAL knot because most youth and adult members of the BSA have no clue to what it means! If some of you out there are offended by that, then so be it. If you ever get the chance and hopefully that chance never comes, you'll appreciate that Knot and Award a little more. So on with my story. I decided recently after ignoring the other 20 knot awards I've earned as both a youth and adult, that I was going to wear them all to encourage the youth and adults in scouting to be proud of who they are and what th
  4. I lost my Honor Medal several years ago and National did replace it for me. Contact the Boy Scout Services Division at National regarding your loss. They will verify your claim with their records, and only then will they replace the medal. They take replacing heroism and meritorious service awards very seriously. In addition, they will require you to pay for the replacement. It takes time, but it will get done. RJA
  5. A Jambo Forum sounds like a great idea fellow scouters! If I can be of any assistance, please let me know. 2005 will be my fifth National Jamboree and I've got one World Jamboree under my belt. International Hosting! Scuba Staff for 2001 though. Regards! Bob
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