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  1. KC9DDI de KD0AAA....I agree 100% with what you are saying. I instruct EMT and First Responders and while we teach to National Curriculum, we do a lot of scenario based training with situations that are more complicated to make the students problem solve and get out of the cookbook mentality. As for an expanded scope of practice...I am not sure of any states that do, and at the current level of training within the WEMT, in fact a quick search on the internet shown Maine as being the only state (I could find) that officially recognizes the designation. And as you mentioned about not be
  2. I attended the WEMT upgrade course offered by Wilderness Medical Associates last year in Hill City, SD. I attended the course with a number of individuals from diverse backgrounds, US Secret Service Agents, Firefighter/EMT's, and even a woman who spends summers at the South Pole. The skills I learned in this course did not take me out of legally authorized scope of practice. But did challenge me to look differently at how I would operate in a remote environment with limited personnel, equipment and supplies. Living and working in a rural community, I have incorporated a lot of this into m
  3. You will be happy to know the Part C has been updated just a few weeks ago to allow the healthcare practitioner to check either true or false to each of those things they were attesting to on the form. Not perfect, but a movement in the right direction. The new form is available online Wayne
  4. At the end of the camping week, we will be placing forms in envelopes by unit number. Envelopes will be sealed and these envelopes will be placed into storage boxes, which will be sealed at the end of the camping season. The boxes will then be stored in locked storage. Forms will be destroyed after seven years. This is not a repository for forms, we will not be making copies of forms for scouts and scouters who need forms for other purposes, no forms will be accessed or copied unless necessary to comply with state or federal laws, or court orders.
  5. Eagle92, Definitely understand the HIPAA thing on the mind. I am an EMS Instructor and preceptor. Seems as though it can be hard at times to get the idea of privacy through some students heads! lol 5yearscouter, I understand what you are saying about the security of the forms. I have the same concerns. At my camp, I keep the forms locked up in my health lodge where only certain people have access to the information. Security of these forms is very important to me, not because HIPAA applies, but because it is the right thing to do, and there are additional state statutes regarding the secu
  6. Eagle92.... Actually withholding the medical screening for the presence and treatement of a severe medical condition would be a violation of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA), not HIPAA. TITLE 42 CFR > CHAPTER 7 > SUBCHAPTER XVIII > Part E > 1395dd In the case of a hospital that has a hospital emergency department, if any individual (whether or not eligible for benefits under this subchapter) comes to the emergency department and a request is made on the individuals behalf for examination or treatment for a medical condition, the hospital must p
  7. National just released a 2/2011 revision to the health form which addresses the problem of the examiners certification. For each of the items the examiner is attesting to, they have added a true/false box allowing the examiner to check the appropriate box. Additionally, in the Policy section, it refers to "See the FAQs for when this does not apply" in reference to the height/weight chart. In the FAQ, they have clarified that for the most part council camps would be exempt. Here is a link to the new form: http://www.scouting.org/filestore/HealthSafety/pdf/whole.pdf Wayne
  8. I sent off a hypothetical case to a few physicians I know along with copies of the health form. The scenario was 14 year old male who exceeded his weight/height requirement and had a seizure six months ago. As was predicted here in this forum, the physicians indicated they would not sign the form. Here in MN, that of course causes a huge problem since no signature means denial of admittance to a licensed youth camp for all ages. I have been working with my council on this issue, National is well aware of the issue and indicated they are working on the form...we may be able to expect chang
  9. In my classes, I teach that you do not need to have a big physical "kit" to take care of problems in the wilderness. The single most important item in the "kit" is your brain and common sense. With that and some limited supplies one should be able to stabilize and maintain a victim until they are either self evacuated or evacuated by rescuers. During scenarios we spend time working on how to improvise with the items one would normally have with them on a camping or hiking trip. To some scouts who have taken the program, it has helped to solidify the reasons for the ten essentials. I consider i
  10. I am a camp health officer at a council run camp. I operate under the authority of a Camp Medical Director who is a licensed Physician. He and I meet to discuss the health and safety plans of the camp as well as to review the standing orders for emergency care at the camp. He is available to me 24 hours a day in case I have health issues arise at camp for which I may need additional guidance. He comes to camp at various times during the season to review the operations and provide staff training as necessary. As for the health screening, as mentioned this is not a physical, but a review to
  11. As a camp health officer, I am happy to see some of the changes made to the health history forms this fall. I believe rearranging some of the information on the form will help my staff to more efficiently review these forms and get scouts and scouters through the health checks quicker on arrival day. I found it interesting some persons are asserting that Part C may not be required for summer camp. That is far from the truth as the length of the event lasts longer than the 72 hours, and summer camps are considered to be residential camps. Per both the form and the FAQ document,this would n
  12. I am the camp health officer at a local boy scout camp. I am a WEMT and was working to create a wilderness first aid program for camp when the BSA released the doctrine. I have my own ECSI training center and adopted their Wilderness First Aid program for camp. Their support material is adequate and the program is flexible allowing me to meet the requirements of the doctrine. I utilize a lot of scenarios in the training as I believe this is one of the best ways to solidify ideas to the students (I do the same in EMT and First Responder Courses I teach). I run the class as a 20 hour class durin
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