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  1. Actually ... no, they won't. The Council Services Division has stated that "about a dozen" vendors were initially invited to participate, and five submitted proposals. Four followed through. Unfortunately if you were not on the initial list way back in '99, you have been frozen out ever since. The CSD continues to inform even commercial companies that they are still not allowing additional vendors to participate, despite continued promises to the contrary. Don't get me wrong. PackMaster, TroopMaster and the rest are great programs that provide a big benefit for units. My own pac
  2. The modules we're building aren't designed to be plugged into the actual data network but just to handle the data in the ScoutNet 2000 format in the same manner PackMaster and TroopMaster do. Simply publishing the data format layout does not pose any security or privacy risk. We're continuing our work even without the official formats but we'd like to be able to have units export their information in ScoutNet 2000 format to simplify the rechartering process. Plus I agree that the event registration modules would be useful with or without the proper formatting. We've already built rou
  3. There's a group of techno-weenies in our district that are trying to create an web-based, open-source module that would be freely available for all troops, packs, and crews that they could use to keep track of their rosters, advancements, events, etc. much like TroopMaster or PackMaster. Because absolutely no information is coming out of the BSA's Council Services Division (which is in charge of the ScoutNET project) we are currently reverse engineering the system from the information that we can get from our local council (field reports, registration files, etc.). Does anyone have any
  4. We have a good-sized troop with an elected SPL and three ASPLs who were appointed by the SPL. One ASPL is in charge of our two Quartermasters, our Chaplain Aide, and our OA Troop Rep. Another is in charge of our Scribe, our Librarian, and our Historian. The third is in charge of our six Instructors (Aquatics, First Aid, Camping & Hiking, Knots & Lashings, Map & Compass, Nature Study, and Outdoor Cooking). I know it is repeated in other sources but it is on page 106 of the Senior Patrol Leader Handbook under "Other Troop Positions" as follows: "With the assistance of the Sc
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