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    Hi Can anyone give me any feed back on two Boy Scout Summer camps. Camp Emmerson Idyllwild, Ca Camp Chawanake Shaver Lake CA This is our first years as a Scout and would like to find out a little about the pros and cons of each. They each offer about the same merit badges but it is the other information i am interested in. How is the program ran How are the facilities ect...... Thank you
  2. Thank you very much that is perfect. i can print the instructions and the boys will understand faster Thank you
  3. I need the instructions for lashing a ladder. Our District is having a Camporee with the theme Scouts of the Round table. One activity is to Rescue the Damsel. we will need to lash a ladder and use it to cross the "river" and then to rescue the damsel from the tower

    Rushing the wolf badge???

    I know this is way late but here it is anyway. i have been a den leader for 4 years and am now a leader of 5th grade Webelos. All my boys in all my dens have made rank by our FEBUARY Blue and Gold. My Father has been in Scouts since 1967 and agrees that in order not to lose boys they must have reconition. For some of these boys this is the only thing they achive in. I have had one boy who was in Special Ed and several who have ADHD and i have been able to keep them motivated by the pride in getting up in front of others to be acknowledged for having pasted another milestone. Sure you finish the rank thy then but the book is full of Electives. As a Wolf we finished our rank and had 2 arrowpoints by then. I have also found tath as most parents work that they do not have time to do some of the requirements at home. All my parents had to sit with their boy and work on them in the den meetings. Some of course had to be done at home but I found that by involving the parnet it usually got done. Rmember this is for the boys to have fun and feel good about themselves, and that is achieved by advancements!!!

    Weblos and Cub Scout Adventure Program

    I guess that it is a CA program, each council sponsers different patches. 48 page reference pamphlet with detailed descriptions of Cub Scout and Webelos High Adventure awards Covers all awards sponsored by the Southern California Council High Adventure Teams This is from the Orange county CA scout shop web site. I heard about it from the Los Angeles county council But thank you anyway also one hour thank you for the images they are perfect!

    Weblos and Cub Scout Adventure Program

    The Cub Scout Adventure is the equivlant of the Boy Scout High Adventure. From what i was told there is a patch for every achievment and/or belt loop. Thank you for the patrol help!! I will learn the ways of weblos :-)
  7. I am an experienced den lear of 3 years, weblos are very different then the younger boys. Our pack seperates the 1 and 2 year webols into two dens, each with their own patrol. Where do I find the different patrol emblems to choose from? Are they the same as the Troop boys? Also any information on Cub Scout Adventure Program would be cool.

    Whittlin' Chip Patterns

    thank you very much for your help. Your ideas are very helpful!!

    Whittlin' Chip Patterns

    Thank you very much, I never thought of themithe edge of the knife sharpening it. But you are right they sure will and it is safer too!!!

    Whittlin' Chip Patterns

    My den is going to earn the Whittlin'Chip Badge on Thursday. Does anyone know of any easy pattern and the best type of sope to use?

    Pack committee Meetings

    Our Pack Committee consists of any Officers "Treasurer" "Advancements" ect, all of the den leaders and the Pack leader. Also ANY adult parent who wishes to attend. We had an out line of what is discussed and we DO vote on items, approve the minutes and the finances. by the time we are finished discussing the issues we usually all agree and vote just to show it was agreed upon by everyone. This way NO ONE makes all the dicisions and NO ONE in the Pack can complain since everyone is invited. Usually it is the same one who show up to every meeting. Example We have a few new Weblos. When the Camporee was discussed at the meeting and the parents were told this is a Weblo only camping event, no siblings allowed the parents complained. Not one showed up for the commitee meeting and it was voted that this was an event for the boys and that our anual family camp was the only camp the siblings should be allowed at. When these parents are told tomorrow they will be told that it was voted on and the committee agreed. They should have shown up! That is the BEST reason for voting.

    About getting trained

    I grew up as a Girl Scout, an Explorer Scout and even had alot to do with our "Brother Boy Scout Troup", that was my leaders husband's and my father's troop. Even with all of my experence as a Scout growing up, I have found that training is worth while. I am now a Cub Scout Den leader and this is my third year. I did not do the training for Tiger Cubs. Sure Tigers are easy but maybe it would have been better if I took at least Fast Start. I had do do the Fast start last year and found that even though I already knew the concept that I still learned alot. Most people do not feel that they need the training but need to be encuraged to do so. As I am a Bear this year I wil not take the training but will still go to some Round Table meetings which does have training. Next year as the Weblos Den Leader I will take training as scouting has changed alot in the past 2 years. You really need to stress the Round Table meetings and Training to the parents.