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  1. Moosetracker, I briefly mention creating the Scouts Own Service on pages 5, 14 and 15. As I wrote, one of my assistant Scribes took it on himself to work with the course religious coordinator, program patrol and Chaplains Aides to put these together. If I had to add anything about this subject, it would be prep the layout for the programs before you get to Gilwell. The folks I mentioned above will probably be scrambling too much for content to worry about whether it's an 8.5" x 11" duplexed sheet, a 5.5" x 8.5" booklet, etc. In our course, to expedite this whole process, we pretty
  2. Just wrapped up serving as Scribe on our recent Wood Badge course and was asked to write down some notes to pass on to future Scribes in our Council. Before I knew it, I had a 22 page document that I thought might be useful for Wood Badge Scribes everywhere! Topics include: - Get At Least One Assistant Scribe - Continuing in the "You Don't Have to Do It All Yourself" Theme - Speaking of Resources - Handbooks? What Handbooks? - Badges and Cards? What Badges and Cards? - Printers and Printing Supplies - The Scribe is the "Office Supply" Person - The Gilwell Gazette - "
  3. BelieveinScouts, I noticed you're from Cincinnati, OH area. Our Pack, based in Milford, OH has successfully had Winter Campouts for years where all ranks can attend. Specifically, you'll find two large yurts (60 people each) at Chilo Lock and Dam #34 in Chilo, OH (SE Clermont County). Each are heated by wood burning stoves and firewood is supplied. Crooked Run Nature Preserve is RIGHT beind the yurts and a museum onsite that details the history of the dam system and barges/boats that use them. Here's a link to the yurts (check out Facilities and Reservables links): http://www.co.
  4. We wrestled with this and the definition that works for our Pack (yours may differ) is: Cub Scouts are encouraged to attend all Pack and Den meetings and activities. In order to qualify for an attendance award, the Cub Scout must attend six (6) Pack meetings (this includes the Paper Airplane and Pinewood Derby) one of which MUST be the Blue and Gold Banquet. Additionally the Scout must attend 100% of the Den meetings and 50% of other Pack (this includes Winter and Spring Campouts and Service Projects, etc). Den leaders are responsible for keeping attendance records for the boys in their d
  5. You might find that your boys may not be as bored with historical places as you may think. Case in point, we took our Tigers to a local house that's nearly 150 year's old. It has been preserved by a local historical society to remain as "true to the period" as possible. The tour guide was dressed in period clothing as well. The guys had a ball. They were absolutely fascinated by the phone that you had to crank by hand to get to work. The old-time phonograph, with the big horn on top, was a hit, too. You gotta' think like a 7 year old.
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