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  1. Holy Hanna. Come on gang. Get over it already. More server space has been wasted on a bunch of (adult?) Scouter taking pot shots at one another than on helping the poor woman out. COME ON. Get over yourselves. This is just the type of BS (the pot shots) that caused me to call it quits with scouting after so many years of service. Serving the boys was great. Listening to the adults bicker, whine, back bite and point fingers was frustrating and very discouraging. You all should be ashamed for fighting like this. Get a handbook and re-read it. Then remember: Helpful, Friendly, Courteuos, Kind.
  2. WOW....32 pages so far on this topic. Look gang, I know that there has been a lot of speculation as to this whole topic being bogus or a sham and that some of you think that the process has taken longer than an appeal has ever taken. Some of you feel that people outside of the respective council shouldn't have been involved either. Well before we get the boxing gloves out or point any more fingers at one another here is the skinny on all of this. I know one of the key players in this mess and YES it is a real situation that is now in Nationals hands. Yes, it has run the full gamit from Troo
  3. MS Summer. You and your son have fought the battle and have done more that most would do in regards to an appeal. The Eagle award is a very elusive award. It is extreemly hard to obtain. Part of the misconceptions that most people have is that it is like ever other rank in the process. The true fact is it isn't. The whole Eagle process is very hard. This is why only 2% of all scouting youth ever reach this goal. I have seen many a Smart, talented and nice boy just miss the mark by a fraction. You have tried your best but it didn't change the outcome especially considering all who have been con
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