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    50 miles

    hello, one of our leaders said he found that cubscouts can earn some sort of 50 mile award . has any one heard of this ? the only thing i can find is the boy scout 50 miler
  2. hello, here is what my wife and i did. she found a barrette that looked like a minature dream catcher.she wore it like a slide . it didnt look at all like its original purpose. for me i went to our local dollar store. i got a dream catcher that had a small ram scull in the middle . i popped off the skull and made it the center piece. took the feathers and hung them off the horns . then i unwrapped the hoop for the fake leather and made the part that goes around my neck . kind of like a bolo tie . we wore them to our round table and got compliments on them .the are cheap and unique.
  3. thank you all . i will try the steam method . as for a hat with some character , i agree but i need to start from zero then let the hat come alive with character. rite now the hat just looks goofy. again thanks all . i will post my results later.
  4. hello . i just recieved a used military issue campagn hat . the trouble is that the person who shipped it, put it in a box that was too small . not to mention that the post crunched the box also . so my new hat isn't at all strait . does anyone know how to straiten it out . thanks
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