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  1. I cant imagine a camping trip without a campfire. Even backcountry sites usually have fire rings. On our camping trip for May we even had a fire building competition and let the patrols race. Ghost stories by a gas stove just does capture the spirit to me. If you cant bring wood with you because of insects I can see that, cut firewood after you get there. We always have our roped off woodcutting area.
  2. How was our summer camp? - Great This was only my second year going with the boys and we had a great week. Camp Daniel Boone is our council camp and this was our first year back there after going out of council for two years. Last year we went to Rainey Mountain and I thought it was OK at the time but after going to Daniel Boone I don't care if we ever go back to Rainey Mountain. Food was better, facilities were better, classes were better, fishing was better, staff was friendlier. The only down sides were the cold water in the lake and complete lack of cell phone service. Tr
  3. Preparation 1. Go over the packing list a dozen times, make sure the boys have what they need. 2. Go over the merit badge class schedule with each boy. Each boy should have a map of camp and know when he needs to be where and which other boys in the troop will be with him. If merit badges have prerequisites or requirments that should be completed before camp have these done. If mert badges have extra cost (woodcarving kit or arrow kit) have these purchased and ready the first day. 3. Establish buddies before you leave. 4. Take swim test early if the camp will let you.
  4. We just got back Saturday. Had a great week at Camp Daniel Boone. We only had one scout in the equivalent of the FYC program. (called going great at Daniel Boone and TNT at Rainey Mountain). He is only 11 and was still pretty bored by the program. For an 11 year old fresh cross over with just a few months in the troop it is a good idea but if they have been in the troop long enough to take a few camping trips I would skip it. As far as scouts being lazy that is your decision to advance or not. If they are standing for tenderfoot and can meet all the requirements I would probably
  5. Well we just got back from our week at Camp Daniel Boone. Brent, you remembered right, that lake was cold. I checked it with a thermometer and got 54 degrees. The weather was cold enough to require jackets at breakfast two mornings. The shock of jumping in that cold lake caused two of our scouts to fail their swim tests on Sunday and both already earned the swimming merit badge (they both passed when they took it again on Monday). I had one in lifesaving that could not finish his 400 meter swim. (that is all he lacked and we can make that up in the community pool). That being sa
  6. We went out of council to Rainey Mountain last year. It was pretty good. Price was good (2006 price is $210 for out of council) The programs were excellent. Food was bad. Their new dining facility is great but the way it was run was bad. There seemed to be a power struggle going on between the dining hall manager and the camp director. Very inefficient in getting boys through the line and fed. Also the camp was considerable overbooked putting a real strain on campsites and showers. The merit badge classes however did not seem crowded. Like I said, the programs were excell
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