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  1. Ive recently been called to be the scoutmaster in an LDS troop, and I am having a terrible time turning it into a Boy run organization. I didnt grow in the church, and participated in an incredible scout run troop. There is lots of history behind this troop, and other LDS troops Ive worked with, that may be pertinent: The boys are REQUIRED to join The troops are small, and patrols even smaller The boys are segregated by age, and the different age groups rarely interact The focus of the scouting program is with 12-13 year old boys, and the bulk of their advancement takes place during this time. We essentially have two meetings a month, and are discouraged from meeting during the weeks that we have a camp-out. No activities are permitted on the Sabbath day (Sunday), so all campouts are Friday night and Saturday. Because of this restriction, we rarely go backpacking In my troop, the boys are used to working on merit badges during meetings, and its making me crazy. There are those (Adults) who want to implement a two year merit badge program that would facilitate the boys with all the resources necessary to complete the eagle required merit badges in that timeframe. The goal seems to be getting the boys to their Eagles, but I feel that success is not measured by merit badges or advancement. My goals are simple: Help to create a boy run troop Instill leadership skills Put the outing in scouting Grow the troop My plan is to use the New Troop Program in the scout master handbook, and start from scratch. The way the scouting program is run in the LDS church is a little different than the traditional troop model, and I am really struggling to make it something the boys will love. I believe very strongly in the patrol model, The Boy Scouts of America, and the church. I would appreciate any suggestions from those who have experience with LDS troops concerning ways to make the patrol method work.
  2. I am a new scoutmaster in an LDS troop. I'am very excited, and I have an exceptional group of young men to work with, and I have a feeling that I will be a frequent user of this forum
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