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  1. thanks for all the discussing back and forth.... I have been "my" boys leader since Tigers and we are starting Bears this fall. I just found out last night at our Summer Bowling night that we have added three more! (bringing me now to 14). We have discussed splitting of the den last year when I was at 10 and working on 11... No one wanted to split. Luckily, I have some very active parents that help out at each meeting (my "unofficial" ADLs). I am going to have the "unofficials" become "official" ADLs and do the rotation of stations. I think this woud be the best for us too!
  2. This is probably too late for you, but I learned this at our University of Scouting: Use a wooden clothes hanger and cut out a tiger or wolf or bear head to put in the center near the "hanger". Use leather rope (or could be yarn, etc) for the beads. Make a small notch in the bottom of the hanger or you could use small nails (this is used to keep the string from sliding.) The boys could make their own name plate to go above their string. It is easily portable and easy to present at the meetings! I am doing it this year. There was about five to six strings per wooden hanger. I
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