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  1. Your exaggerating a little SeattlePioneer. Again I don't think it was right to confront a Scout over the policy while seling popcorn. But the OP doesn't seem to indicate that there was any hostility. Just a statement of nonsupport until the BSA's policies change. Wrong venue to express this view, but just a view and not in any way 'intolerant' or 'bigoted.'
  2. "Just another example of how intolerant those who demand tolerance can be." Now I don't think it was right to confront a Scout over a policy he didn't make, doesn't enforce, and probably doesn't understand. But exactly how is this an example of intolerance on the part of "those who demand tolerance"?
  3. Slow down, take your time, let the experience of Scouting sink in, what could possibly be the rush? I'll make no apology... whether it is First Class in five months or Eagle in two years, the experience is being lost and the program subverted. And for what?
  4. Important to note that although the SM was proud of the accomplishments, he was not the counselor for all 65 MBs.
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