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  1. Hi, everybody, I'm looking to build backdaters for each of our District events, to ensure they function smoothly. I'm having a heck of a time finding a compendium of backdaters online - I wonder if anybody here knows of a good place to look? I'd just as soon not re-invent this wheel, but that's probably plan B. I'm building it on Google Docs and will make the spreadsheet public once it's done. Thanks, -Bill
  2. Adding to an old-ish thread, but I just wanted to give my experience that young Unit Commissioners have not been well-received by the units, and I'm talking about early to mid-20's, not 18. We moved those folks over to the District Committee and it was a much better fit. Former Cubmaster, former Scoutmaster is really the ideal, because they can mentor the new folks in those positions. My District Committee could easily find a position for an energetic 18-year old - heck, I've been trying to recruit some young men to help us. Much of the Committee work is organizational and age or experience does not play a large factor for a subset of the work the DC is responsible for. Doing that kind of work and being around the Committee will build the experience necessary to take on some of the other jobs later.
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