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  1. Hi, everybody, I'm looking to build backdaters for each of our District events, to ensure they function smoothly. I'm having a heck of a time finding a compendium of backdaters online - I wonder if anybody here knows of a good place to look? I'd just as soon not re-invent this wheel, but that's probably plan B. I'm building it on Google Docs and will make the spreadsheet public once it's done. Thanks, -Bill
  2. Adding to an old-ish thread, but I just wanted to give my experience that young Unit Commissioners have not been well-received by the units, and I'm talking about early to mid-20's, not 18. We moved those folks over to the District Committee and it was a much better fit. Former Cubmaster, former Scoutmaster is really the ideal, because they can mentor the new folks in those positions. My District Committee could easily find a position for an energetic 18-year old - heck, I've been trying to recruit some young men to help us. Much of the Committee work is organizational and age or experien
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